In photography, I can never deny that the thing has been there.
There is a superimposition here: of reality and of the past. 
Camera Lucida, Chapter 32_ ‘THAT-HAS-BEEN’



HYERIKIM is a jewellery designer based in Seoul. After graduated Central Saint Martins, and Royal College of Art in London, established her namesake brand ‘HYERI’ in 2020. Each piece is all handmade by herself and artisans in heart of the city, Seoul. Her first collection, ‘THAT_HAS_BEEN’, initiates her previous collection '28.10.1952 - 06.09. 2013 (memory, mourning, and mortality)'.  The collection refers to the realisation of one’s own mortality and the desire to be remembered after passing. The desire for eternal memory draws to a recent collection, which inspired from Roland Barthes’ ‘Camera Lucida’. A photography captures a moments that has been taken. When it suddenly appeared, the photography triggers long-buried memories. Like a photography, locket is beautiful way to remember a loved one and keep them close to the heart, she propose a keeping precious memory in a jewellery.