28.10.1952 - 06.09.1052


Memory, mourning, and mortaliy


Locket / 2015

Gold-pated brass, resin, and fresh water pearls


The pieces reference the realisation of one’s own mortality and the desire to be remembered after passing. Inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery in which tokens of loved ones were kept, by casting own fingers, making a permanent trace of own physicality. The desire for eternal memory is symbolised via the circularity of the snake, whilst the pearl represents tears spilt in sadness.


Locket / 2015
Gold-plated brass, arcrylic, fresh-water pearls, and photograph


    Locket/ 2015
    Silver, fresh-water pearls 

 Locket / 2015

Silver, fresh-water pearls, and photograph 



 Pin/ 2015

Silver, acrylic, and photograph


 Earrings/ 2015

Silver, fresh-water pearls, and resin



Serpent necklace/ 2015

Silver, resin 


Bracelet/ 2015

Silver, resin, and fresh-water pearls